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Testimonials for Keval Kaur Khalsa

"The course prepared me to become a teacher not only in a practical sense, but also mentally and spiritually. The ten-months of intensive training elevated my consciousness, reduced my emotional reactivity, and increased my physical and mental stamina. Keval's Level I Teacher Training is the cream of the crop. You'd be hard-pressed to find a Kundalini teacher with more knowledge of the physical techniques, the philosophy, the history, the human body, and the embodied spiritual wisdom. She is able to give each trainee individualized feedback to help each person reach their maximum potential no matter their starting point. With so many years of experience, Keval lives and breathes the teachings and shares this knowledge generously with her students. She is one of the gems of the triangle area."

– Anna M.

"Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher training with Keval was one of THE best things I have accomplished in my life. I signed up for this course to strengthen my own personal practice and learn as much as I could about Kundalini Yoga. Keval’s experience as the Director of the Dance Program at Duke University has led her to curate a beautiful, comprehensive, incredibly well laid out training program for her students to learn and grow. Keval’s professional dance experience has given her incredible knowledge of body systems and posture that she gracefully shares with her students. Throughout this training I have grown immensely, made lifelong friends, and now have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to share the teachings with others. It was my absolute honor to be taught by such a beautiful, gifted, generous, talented, and loving soul."

Heather Millen/Preet Mandhir Kaur

  Wilmington, NC

“The true embodiment of a teacher, Keval Kaur Khalsa is a humble master of her craft. 

          During our Nashville Teacher Training weekend we experienced an immersion in the course material that included the innovative and creative use of multiple teaching techniques that resulted in absorption and understanding of the material for learners of all modalities. We danced, we improvised, we created, we read, we sang, we shared and we were challenged. I observed her customize the experience for each student, encouraging and pushing exactly where it was needed. 

          Keval’s generous spirit, sincerity and overflowing heart was demonstrated by her effort to immediately learn and use each student’s name. She took time to personally connect with each student. And we were treated to a beautiful rendition of “On This Day” when she serenaded a participant whose birthday fell during our training. 

          Keval Kaur Khalsa is a “teacher’s teacher” in every sense of the phrase. It was an honor and a privilege to be in her presence, to be inspired by and guided by her.”

Linday Garric/Nam Krishan Kaur
   Nashville, TN

I am in the middle of my Level 1 Aquarian Teacher Training and just finished a weekend with Keval Kaur Khalsa as our trainer. It was truly a deeply informative and enjoyable weekend. It encompassed the perfect blend of yoga, meditation, lecture, class discussion and was so engaging throughout. She involved us in fun interactive activities that cemented and clarified the material. It was absolutely one of my favorite training weekends to date. Deep gratitude, Keval Kaur, for a dynamic, informative and incredibly fun weekend. We definitely bonded as a group because of it.

Eileen Bray/Miter Adi Kaur
   Nashville, TN

Keval Kaur's presence is imbued with a cellular understanding of these teachings and a grace that not only helps students to understand on a deep level, but also provokes students' own grace. She personifies that which Yogi Bhajan described as "an altitude and attitude for perfection"—and she does it with an unshakeable physical and verbal sense of humor.

Dass Kaur

I had the great opportunity to have Keval Khalsa as an instructor for an entire weekend training on kundalini yoga. Being someone with a short attention span and high expectations, I'm not easily impressed.  But Keval kept me and the entire class totally engaged all weekend. 

     I noticed how she managed to come up with experiential exercises for most everything we were learning which leads to a more embodied way of learning and much less opportunity for mentally checking out. She is also very honest, real and accessible in her approach. She is highly skilled, knowledgeable and very wise.

     Without hesitation, I can say she is one of the best teachers I've learned from.

– Tammy Roth, M.Ed, LPC
   Holistic Psychotherapist, Author,        Retreat Facilitator

"I had the amazing opportunity to learn from Keval Kaur during my level one KRI training. During this time, we discussed several complex subjects--western anatomy, the chakra system, the ethics and ideologies of teaching just to name a few. Keval Kaur was able to present this information in a very accessible way, and took her training one step further by quizzing us verbally and in writing. I feel that I have retained so much information because of her straightforward and structured methodology. She also had a wonderfully engaging presence about her, that made me feel very comfortable as she pushed me to be better. Very appreciative of this opportunity. Thank you!"


Deborah Yates

   Wholesale Manager

   New Orleans, LA 

Learning with Keval Kaur, due to her ability to talk about the body and knowing it so well, made a lasting impression for which I am grateful. Her corrections aided my postures to be more healthful, more beneficial and will be invaluable to my practice and to teaching in the future.


Karla Kilgore

   Tailored Selections LLC

   Regional Wine Broker         and Certified Sommelier


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Victoria Smith
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