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"Keval Kaur's presence is imbued with a cellular understanding of these teachings and a grace that not only helps students to understand on a deep level, but also provokes students' own grace. She personifies that which Yogi Bhajan described as "an altitude and attitude for perfection"—and she does it with an unshakeable physical and verbal sense of humor."

Kundalini Yoga Durham Teacher Team
Keval Kaur Khalsa, Lead Trainer

Keval Kaur Khalsa, M.A., is an internationally-known Kundalini Yoga Lead Teacher Trainer. Keval Kaur helped establish the first certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training course in North Carolina, and has taught and helped train teachers in the US, Brazil, Ghana & Togo.

Passionate about bringing the tools of yoga and meditation

to underserved communities, and particularly to young people, Prof. Khalsa is deeply involved in the non-profit organization Y.O.G.A. for Youth ( 

As the Founding Director of the Y.O.G.A. for Youth satellite program in North Carolina, Keval Kaur organized and co-taught Y.O.G.A. for Youth Teacher Trainings and set up programs in schools, community centers, and through other non-profit organizations.

Keval Kaur is a Professor of the Practice Emerita of Dance, having served on Duke University’s faculty for 32 years and as the Director of the Dance Program for 8 years. For seven years, she was Co-Primary Investigator on a Bass Connections Mindfulness in Education research project that studied the effects of a regular yoga practice on public school students.   

As a professional dancer, Keval Kaur performed with the Jose Limon Dance Company and in the works of Clay Taliaferro and other independent choreographers in the United States, the UK, and Switzerland. Keval Kaur was the Co-Artistic Director and Co-Founder of 2 Near The Edge Dance Company. 

In collaboration with Co-Artistic Director and Co-Founder L.D. Burris, she choreographed and performed regionally in the Southeast and nationally in the United States, creating work that spoke to social issues and the depth and complexity of human relationships. Her work was recognized with a Choreographers Fellowship from the North Carolina Arts Council, and 2 Near The Edge’s work was also supported by Alternate Roots, Duke University’s Institute of the Arts, and the Durham Arts Council.

Preet Mandhir Kaur

Preet Mandhir Kaur is a KRI-certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher residing in Wilmington, NC. Preet Mandhir’s passion for yoga, meditation and breathwork has led her to begin the manifestation of her legacy project within her local wellness community. Utilizing the science of Kundalini Yoga and application of yogic principles to one’s own life, Preet Mandhir assists others in discovering their true identity, self-love and divine healing capabilities. Her classes are gentle yet challenging, and each class offers an opportunity to increase self-awareness, become more present, as well as enhance vitality, radiance, and joy. Preet Mandhir has a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design and for over 20 years has assisted clients across the country design and implement well spaces through her firm, Elemental Design. Preet Mandhir is also co-owner of DiveQuest Adventures in Wilmington, NC, and leads their Wellness Community.

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Poonam Patel

Namaste & Sat Nam!  

My name is Poonam. I am a 200HR certified and a Level One Kundalini Yoga teacher who has been practicing for the past 3 years.  Even though I discovered Kundalini Yoga in the recent years, my experience with Yoga has been a lifelong one. Immersing myself into the ancient wisdom, Vedic knowledge & through the various paths of Yoga since childhood, I have achieved stability and balance through the most adverse times. The ultimate goal is to aid others in their healing journey through the ancient wisdom of Yoga- all parts of it and helping understand the power it has to unify the complete Self- Not only the physical and mental, but the deep consciousness within. Additionally, I have a B.S in psychology with a minor in behavioral neuroscience and a M.S. in Mental Health Counseling with a minor in religion and spiritualty studies. Come explore these various paths with me through Kundalini Yoga and see which ones you connect and heal with the most by dedicating and committing yourself to your own divine & personal experience.

poonam photo_edited.jpg
Teacher Training Team:
Hari Kaur/Anne Ritter

Ann Ritter (Hari Kaur), MS, PhD, serves as a support team member for the Level I teacher training courses in NC and TN. A student of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation for more
than 25 years, she is RYT 500 certified as an Integrative
Yoga therapist, and has completed both Level I and II Kundalini Yoga and Meditation trainings through KRI.
She has been teaching for 20 years. Also a performer, business woman and author, Hari Kaur makes her home in Atlanta, where she teaches both Kundalini Yoga and
Kundalini Yoga for Post Traumatic Stress. Her PhD from Fielding Graduate University is in human and organizational systems, and includes research on practical applications of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.

Hari Kaur headshot.jpg
Meherbani Kaur Khalsa

Meherbani Kaur Khalsa is a KRI Lead Kundalini Yoga teacher trainer and the Founder of Cosmic Flow Yoga Studio in San Diego, CA. Born in Nicaragua, she met Yogi Bhajan as a young adult and has subsequently practiced and taught Kundalini Yoga most of her adult life. Meherbani Kaur teaches from her heart with simplicity and humor. For the last 40
years, she has been instrumental in growing the Kundalini
Yoga community in San Diego by offering Level I and II Teacher Trainings, leading weekly classes and special workshops, mentoring new teachers, and opening her home for daily group sadhana. In addition to Kundalini Yoga, Meherbani also practices and teaches Yogi Bhajan’s healing art of Sat Nam Rasayan®.

Mohinder Singh

Mohinder Singh has been teaching Kundalini Yoga for 20 years and is a Professional Trainer with the Kundalini Research Institute. Mohinder Singh has been pivotal in cultivating the Kundalini Yoga community in his home of Ann Arbor, Michigan – offering classes, workshops, and hosting and administrating Level I Teacher Training courses. A licensed massage therapist and Level I Sat Nam Rasayan practitioner, Mohinder Singh is also passionate about growing, serving, and educating people about healthy food.  He has created Seva Farms, where he serves as Master Gardener and Lead Farmer. A raw foods and yogic diet chef, he hosts an annual spring herbal cleanse. For 18 years, Mohinder Singh has served on the food/meal-serving management team at 3HO Summer and Winter Solstice gatherings. Mohinder Singh is a true karma yogi who inspires through his living example of selfless service in cultivating and nurturing community.

Steph Smith/Navjeet Singh
Mohinder Singh.jpg

Steph Smith/Navjeet is an Associate Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainer and a 500-RYT Kundalini Yoga and Hatha Yoga teacher.   Navjeet has been teaching Kundalini Yoga since 2011 and teaches regularly at numerous studios in New Orleans.  She has further served the New Orleans community by hosting Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainings and Y.O.G.A. for Youth Teacher Trainings.  Navjeet deeply understands the transformational aspect of yoga and brings this awareness to her classes. Which blend metaphysical themes with physical experiences to encourage perspective shifts that explore the essence of the true self. Besides yoga, her background includes a range of experiences from environmental science and herbal nutrition to filmmaking.  Her film Give Light is an award-winning documentary that traverses five continents interviewing traditional midwives to bring their wisdom to light, working to bridge the gap between traditional wisdom and modern technology to stop violence against mothers and babies.  

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